Mount Rinjani is full of trash.

Help us make a change.


Raise awareness

among travellers regarding the environmental degradation of the Gunung Rinjani area


each hiker to not only not throw garbage around, but also to collect at least 1 bag of garbage and take it down


a change of attitude by the locals (guides, porters, but also local hikers and the communities around) to protect and keep Rinjani clean

About Mount Rinjani

The 2nd tallest volcano in Indonesia
A reserve of spectacular natural beauty
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Lombok island.
“We are literally camping on trash. And nobody cares, nobody does anything.”


Extremely high number of hikers

Over 200 people go trekking each day on Mount Rinjani (trekkers both international and local, plus porters/guides). Indonesia’s second-highest mountain saw 60,000 hikers between April 2014 and January 2015. This has created a serious issue with pollution, especially around the camp sites.

Bad habits and not strict enough hiking and camping rules

Out of the 100+ trekking guides services, only 3-4 actually clean up their mess.
On top of that, the local hikers and campers do not have so “refined” habits. Indonesians tend to burn their trash at the end of every day. While it's obviously an old habit for organic trash, that is not a good practice for metal, glass and plastic, which either do not burn or they pollute the ground and air with toxic debris.
Reportedly, every week there are “cleaning teams” paid by the Natural Reserve Management that go up and clean the area - apparently not sufficient in order to keep the mountain clean. The Indonesian government charges 150,000 IDR per person to trek. However, almost none of that money goes into rehabilitating Rinjani, according to discussions with the locals.


  • Trash on Mountain Rinjani

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