Save Rinjani project launched!

“Save Rinjani” is officially launched!

It’s a sustainable tourism project, a non-profit cause, an environmental campaign, a personal challenge of its creators. And above all it’s a bit of wishful thinking that maybe a small part of the world can become a better place if enough people get together and do something about it.

Mount Rinjani is full of trash due to the high number of hikers visiting it daily and not following sensible environmetal habits. It’s also a matter of negligence, idleness and abuse by the people that visit it but also the ones who live there.

We want to change that.

Next weeks and months we will be posting about the project plan and updating on progress.
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Thank you for the support!

The “Save Rinjani” team

One thought on “Save Rinjani project launched!

  • Hello Harry,
    This is a wonderful project. I am admirative of this undertaking and I wish you good luck and success. If any help is needed tell me.

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