Attention hikers: Rinjani erupts, closed for hiking


Mt. Barujari crater erupting, seen from the summit of Mt. Rinjani (Wikimedia commons)

At around 10:45 a.m. local time, Sunday (Oct. 25), the 2,376-meter-high Mount Rinjani erupted, after 6 years of inactivity, spewing out a cloud of dust and haze.

Due to the high amounts of smoke and volcanic ash and risk of further eruptions, hikers were evacuated by the reverse’s authorities (TNGR). TNGR also warned the organizers of the event “Mulang Pekelem,” a two-day religious upacara (ceremony) on Rinjani’s slopes.

All the hiking trails to Mount Rinjani is closed, according to Police Chief of West Nusa Tenggara Police Brig Septono Umar. and warning banners have been put up at every hiking route entrance. (29/10/2015)

The status of Mount Rinjani is now claimed to have Alert II, so it is not allowed anyone to go up, given the condition of Mount Barujari (the lake volcano, also named the child of Rinjani).

Umar further said, closing the climb is done not only because of the eruption or lava power alone, but also because it is feared that the toxic gases released Mount Barujari could harm the climbers.

“Poisonous gas is what we worry about, including having received a warning by our counterparts from volcanology,” said Umar.

Mt. Barujari’s last reported eruption was on May 2, 2009 with a death toll of 31 people, due to floods resulting from the eruption. The mountain previously erupted in 2004 but thankfully no casualties then. Other recorded eruptions were in 1944, 1966, 1994, according to Coconuts Bali.

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