Rinjani trekking company review: Rudy Trekker

There are lots of guide companies providing trekking services for Mt. Rinjani, in Lombok, Indonesia, and most seem just the same as the others… because they probably are.

There are maybe 2 main differentiators that we believe new hikers should pay attention to:

  1. Budget or luxury: the main difference is that luxury providers might be able to equip you with a bit more comfortable sleeping bags, bring chairs with them, and set up “toilet tents” around a hole in the ground (the alternative being the wide nature). Also some companies might have a slightly better food variety. This is a bit up to you.
  2. Eco-friendliness: you will want to select a company that their guides and porters really take care the environment during the hike, especially by collecting all the trash that the group will generate.

There are a few companies that are really well known for consistently following eco-practices. In this post we would like to mention one of them: Rudy Trekker.

Apparently Rudy Trekker’s teams have been some of the few ones being reported to carry down their trash from every trek for proper disposal or recycling. According to a recent review by the Worldly Nomads, “they actually marked each bottle with Rudy Trekker, so if one was left behind on the mountain, the company would know. In fact we were so impressed to see that they also put all this hard work to good use in their own guesthouse by using lots of empty plastic water bottles as decorative plant pots in the garden!”

On top of that, Rudy Trekker is reported as to be running cleaning expeditions regularly, sending teams up the mountain to pick up rubbish – a very necessary action, that we fully endorse!


photo by Rudy Trekker

Plastic trash collection after a week of expedition by Rudy Trekker


Rudy Trekker’s recycled water bottles put to good use! (Photo by Worldly Nomads)

Rudy Trekker’s recycled water bottles put to good use!


4 thoughts on “Rinjani trekking company review: Rudy Trekker

  • A big appreciation to Rudy Trekker as one of trek organizer in Senaru with a good understanding on the nature preservation and cleanliness. With additional surcharge for hygine, I think it is better way to always motivating the workers to pack out what they packed in. Rudy Trekker is an example of some reliable Rinjani trek companies who has commitment to struggle against the main issue: trash. Keep doing the best effort!

  • Thank you very much for the load of our company, we hope that all service entrepreneurs Rinjani can be equally concerned with the most crucial problem about the waste that is the problem every season of climbing with the existence of caring together of course can be overcome

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